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Arc Reactor Costume Piece

I have always been one to go all out with costumes. In preparation to dress up as Tony Stark (Iron Man’s not so secret identity) for a school event, I decided to attempt to make a working replica of the “arc reactor” that powers Tony’s suit.

With this original design I placed emphasis on photorealism, functional lighting features, and a self-contained power supply. The final piece is made up of 22 3D-printed parts and is powered by a stack of batteries in the center of the arc reactor. Because of the battery powered design, it is able to be worn in a 3D-printed and elastic harness either under my shirt or over it. Between the modeling, printing, sewing, and wiring, this project took over my life for a week or two, but the final product was definitely worth it.

Arc Reactor: Text
Arc Reactor: Pro Gallery
Arc Reactor: Video
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