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Theater Set Design

Some of my most under-documented construction work has been in the department of theater set design. As the Master Carpenter for the Princeton Triangle Club, I spend a week each year leading our technical team in constructing the new set for the touring Princeton Triangle Show. This is a week of training students to work in a professional set shop, working with a professional set designer to adapt their concepts to fit the demands of a touring show, and building a lot of crazy stuff.

The Princeton Triangle Club produces original musical theater comedy, so a huge part of this job is working on how to realize the outlandish stage direction of our writing team. We work with a lot of practical effects, and I often get to design things and build them on the spot. Some of my recent personal favorites have been a CrockPot the size of a bathtub and a hotdog cart outfitted to conceal 5 actors.

Set Design: Text
Set Design: Pro Gallery
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