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Convective Heat Transfer Simulation Tool

As a final project for my course in heat transfer I developed a simulation tool to simulate 2D convective heat transfer for unsteady, incompressible, low reynolds number flows over an object of arbitrary geometry and thermal properties. 

Coded in MATLAB, the program uses the Psi-Omega approach for calculating the flow over an object. The Stream function is calculated iteratively through a finite-difference approximation, and the values of vorticity and temperature are time stepped using finite-difference approximations of the governing energy and momentum equations.

The generation of a vortex street from flow over a cylinder was used to verify the simulation’s results. The tool was then used to perform some basic analyses of convective heat transfer from the fins of a heat exchanger. In the future, this tool could be expanded easily to examine any number of object geometries, cooling/heating methods, etc.

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