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Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar

During my final summer as an apprentice in a custom carpentry shop, I was offered the opportunity to use all of their tools and their wood supply to make whatever I wanted. This is the project that I embarked on.

This guitar is a semi-hollow Telecaster with a 4-option pickup arrangement and an f-hole. The body is three layers; a mahogany core with a solid Oregon maple top and a bookmatched maple back. The neck is made of birdseye maple with an eastern flame maple fretboard. All of the woodworking, neck carving, fretwork, inlay, wiring, finishing, etc. was done by me over the course of about 6 weeks totaling around 140 hours. 

For me, this project was the perfect intersection of my engineering ambition and my artistic passion. There are few things I love more than craftsmanship; spending time creating things that are beautiful, functional, and meaningful.

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